Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So you want us to 'seriously' tell our feelings about the KCLS Learning 2.0 - 27 Things program. Well, here goes!

Without a doubt, I learned a great deal from the 2.0 experience. The most valued lessons had to do with forcing myself to come to terms with the increasingly popular 'youth oriented' sites such as MySpace, Blogger, Flicker, and YouTube. I got a lot of pleasure from seeing my Blog and MySpace pages blossom into full-fledged reflections of my library persona...and along the way adding fun videos, pictures, friends, blogline newsfeeds, etc. to beef up the content.

As for the teaching 'modus' - most of the program rolled out in a format similar to taking a long-distance course from a university. And it had the same strengths and weaknesses. On the plus side - when left to your own devices, you often learn more through trial and error than you do when someone is standing in front of you 'teaching' you. On the down side - when you get stuck (and some of these programs could be pretty confusing) there's no one there to bail you out (and, c'mon guys...it's always easier when the prof is leaning over your shoulders telling you exactly what to do one step at a time!).

Lucky for us here at Answerline, we had Matt nearby keeping an eye on things and helping to clear the clouds from our eyes!

Would I sign up again? In a heartbeat - I was sold the day I made my own fake movie poster using one of my old jpgs and a link on the flicker toys website! It's amazing what people think of these days!

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Pageturner253 said...

Bill I truly enjoyed reading about your Learning 2.0 experience. It was well said and so honest. It has been an incredible experience and did remind me of online distance learning classes. I love reading your blog I hope you keep it going. Your buddy. Erin